"Kevin’s personal charm captivates people and puts them instantly at ease.  A true gentleman in every sense of the word, his charismatic personality inspires others to exceed their own limitations and strive to be better human beings.  Kevin a man among men, a shining example of what we all hope we can someday be."

- Mr. and Mrs. Mark Uselton

Kevin provides thought provoking ideas and opinions about the current medical industry, and real-world solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing our Nation today.
You Gotta Have Heart: An Antidote to our Healthcare Dilemma

               “Fascinating and Captivating - a health plan approach long overdue revealing a stunning rhetorical solution to our healthcare issues.”
- Franklin Willis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration

               “Khoury’s book is refreshingly candid and direct. A real-life, no-nonsense approach to resolving the healthcare issues that are holding America back.”
- Mick Cornett, Oklahoma City Mayor

Success has been a topic of hot debate and philosophical dialogue since the beginning of time.  Sometimes it is measured in terms of material gain, everlasting popularity or spiritual satisfaction.  Some have described it as an offshoot of effort while others maintain it is luck.

Kevin Khoury has examined the many theories of success and provided a challenging guide that will ultimately help you define your personal goals and lead you to fulfillment and satisfaction.  His book presents genuine thought in such an easy style that anyone can comprehend its principles and implement them in his life.