"Kevin’s personal charm captivates people and puts them instantly at ease.  A true gentleman in every sense of the word, his charismatic personality inspires others to exceed their own limitations and strive to be better human beings.  Kevin a man among men, a shining example of what we all hope we can someday be."

- Mr. and Mrs. Mark Uselton

Kevin’s qualifications and 25 + years of experience in the Healthcare industry have made him one of the premier Professional Speakers on Healthcare, Business and Marketing.

His experience includes:

Kevin’s  experience as a Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur has made him one of the premier Professional Speakers on Business and Personal Development.

His experience includes:
               "Kevin Khoury is an enthusiastic speaker who engages audiences with creative ways to live better.  He is able to take pertinent information-important life skills, and transforms the information into a call to action that generates positive accountability in organizations. He describes a vision with an action plan that pulls people together that will change destinies."
Shirley E. M. Mears, Champlin Broadcasting
Consulting in Marketing, Client Relations, Financial Analysis and Management
Developing Business Strategy for start-ups, public companies and large healthcare organizations including strategic planning, finance, research and marketing.
Structuring unique Team-Building Techniques
Researching and expanding new and emergent Market Opportunities
Speaking for conferences, corporate events, civic and church organizations and non-profits
Designing and promoting several successful Business Networking Groups
Creating and developing the Workers Compensation Symposiums held annually for the State of Oklahoma
Volunteering for several non-profit organizations including his current work with the Lupus Foundation